Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunshine, Glorious Sunshine!!

After yesterday's dismal weather, I can say I am very pleased with what the good Lord sent our way today. The sun is shining bright and warm (+5C in the shade), and the snow is continuing its melt. I'm starting to see big patches of grass in the yard - what a wonderful sight!

I just came in from an hour and a half of puddle jumping, ball playing, cat petting, rock throwing, leaf kicking fun with Emily outside. And what fun it was!!! She especially had a great time trying to make splashes big enough in the muddy water to get my pants dirty. She did succeed a couple of times... that's what washing machines are for though, right?

Yesterday, we picked up a parcel at the post office - one of the boxes of Lego I had ordered. Since coming home and assembling the car, truck and gas station, Emily has logged a lot of time filling up cars and paying for the gas. She's also been quite interested in the Disney movie club mailing I received yesterday, which included stickers of Mickey Mouse and his friends. I sang her the Mickey Mouse song, and all day today she's been walking around saying "Meemee!" (that's her saying Mickey). Very cute!

I also found out today that my sister living in Ecuador successfully defended her thesis this morning. Kudos to her!! :)

Well, I'm off to fold some laundry before trying to figure out what to make for dinner tonight. Anyone have any suggestions?

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