Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend to all!
This last week seems to have been very busy. Lots of preparation for company this weekend. I did manage to get a few layouts finished, though. Here's my recent work - sorry for the spotty shadows - the trees were not cooperating through my windows. ;)

The weather has been B-E-U-TIFUL recently. The snow is making a rapid retreat from our yard - just in time for our Easter egg hunt yesterday. Emily had a very good time looking for all the colourful eggs. It took a lot of reminders on my part that she should just put them in her bucket and we'd open them all when we finished collecting them. She kept wanting to open each one as she found it. :) We would have been there for 2 hours if that had happened. It was great to see how excited she got everytime she saw another egg (even though they were EVERYWHERE!). Oh to be a kid again and find such joy in the simple things.

I have been indulging a little too much in all the Easter chocolate that results from such a good hunt. But who can resist Caramilk eggs, seriously? I think they must put something addictive in their formula, because I can never just eat one... or two... or five! ;)

Well, I'm getting ready for the arrival of my in-laws for the weekend. They should be here any moment. Just enough time to post this blog.

Easter blessings to everyone!

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