Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lifestyle of the Not-At-All Rich or Famous

I've returned after another extended absence from blogging. What can I say? I've been busy. Nothing really all that exciting has been occupying my time. I'd love to regale you with tales of wonderous adventures and delicious dining, but sadly that is not my life.

I've been spending a great deal of time lately, outdoors, enjoying the summer-like weather we've been having the last number of days. There was even a thought in my mind of hauling out my daughter's wading pool and filling it with water for a refreshing dip. But then, realizing that it was in fact only April, I thought my neighbours might think me a bit premature. So instead I just keep shifting my lawn chair to various spots on the deck, taking advantage of the constantly moving shade.

Not to say that I've just been spending my days lounging around outside. Although sometimes it is rather tempting. No, my life is less about leisure and more about getting things done. I've been working on getting my garden ready for the growing season. My experience with it last year (my first year using it since moving in) was that it needs some work. Correction: needs a lot of work! I have great plans to try to amend the soil, in an attempt to not have it turn into one solid rock when it gets hot out. Easier said then done though, since I planted a number of perennial flowers in it last summer. So this morning I spent my time digging each plant out (with the help of my 2 year old) and storing each one in a plastic bag until I can get it back into the ground. My plan is to get the garden tilled and ready to replant tonight. Yes, even if it means missing a new episode of Criminal Minds tonight. **Sigh**

Other than that, I've been doing some work on my other flower beds, and some general yard work. Oh, and I've spent some time playing in a sandbox this week too. :)

A few of our Lego orders have recently arrived in the mail. New peices = new found creativity. Last night I built a three car train, something Em has been requesting for weeks now. She's still very much into Lego, which I'm happy with. I'm also happy that she no longer ExpressPosts me little brown Lego "poop" in the Lego mailbox. It seems we've moved onto more refined playing. Now she likes to crash things, lol! Oh, and she also has named some favourite Lego mini-figures, namely baby Sam (usually found in a high chair), and Auntie Bev (teaching school) and Amy (sitting at her desk)! We've also got a well-equipped, home-made Lego shop going on (currently servicing a bus and track skidsteer), complete with chain hoists, mechanics, office, lunch room, parts room and various other amenities (all thanks to my husband's influence).

I have yet to get back into my scrapbooking groove, although I did manage to complete one layout. I leave you with that now, as I go to work on some paperwork while Emily naps (a late nap today because we met "daddy" for lunch).


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  1. Love the scrapbook page! I will have to copy it!! :P


  3. Oh yes, Bev, you're very cute! Little brown pigtails that stick out straight from the sides of your head. Fashionable red pants and what looks to be a white sweater with pink stitching over a lime green hoodie. :) You're one of the "cooler" looking Lego people we have, lol. So true to form... :)