Sunday, July 24, 2011

Welcome Home!

She's arrived! Our beautiful, sweet, baby girl. Actually, she arrived awhile ago already - July 6th to be exact. But life with a newborn is busy and exhausting, so I haven't had much of a chance to blog until now.  Our little Abigail is quite a blessing - at least when she's not keeping us up for hours during the night. ;) She's a content little baby - a big change from when Emily was a baby. 

Speaking of Emily, she is LOVING being a big sister! She's helpful and talks all the time about how much she loves Abby and how Abby is the best baby ever. I can`t wait until Abigail can start to return the love to Em. Emily always says to her, ``Look at those big eyes!`` and has recently started to mimic me when Abigail cries, saying, ``Oh, I know... it`s okay.`` Too cute!!

Until next time...

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Monday, July 4, 2011

One Week Left!

Only one week left until we get to meet the newest addition to our family. Provided the baby doesn't arrive before, I am scheduled to be induced next Monday! I REALLY can't wait, for a number of reasons, but the nerves are starting to get worked up too. Not sure I'm ready to do it all over again...

I've been very tired the last week or two, had a bit of a health scare with the baby that put me in the hospital for two days of testing (everything turned out well), and have just had a feeling of permanent discomfort. I'm ready to have my body back. :)

Emily's very excited that the baby is coming soon. I'm not sure she realizes the limitations the baby will have for at least a few months, but she's excited all the same! She'll be a great big sister!

Our weather has finally been nice, instead of rain everyday. Em and I picked our first 5 strawberries of the season today. Our patch has significantly diminished production this year - we'll have to replace the plants next year, I'm sure.

Not much else is new. My diabetes health nurse thought I might have to take a second type of insulin at mealtimes, in addition to my once-a-day shot. But after reviewing my numbers with her this morning, she gave me a pass for the last week. Thankful for small blessings, as I was not looking forward to having a needle 4 times a day. Apparently, I'll be done with the insulin as soon as I have the baby, and will need to get further testing to confirm that the GD has gone away, a few weeks later.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

35+ Weeks!

I realize that once again, I have not been a very faithful blogger.  But if you knew my doctor appointment schedule, I'd hope you'd cut me some slack.  Being way out in the middle of nowhere has its advantages... convenient doctor's appointments is not one of them.  Every time I have to go for an appointment, it turns into an all day affair in town.  And there have been numerous appointments as of late.  Apparently, my gestational diabetes (GD) gets me labelled as a "high risk" pregnancy and I get extra attention because of it.  Not that I'm complaining.  At least my doctor(s) are looking after me and my wee one well. 

I am now 35+ weeks in my pregnancy.  The home stretch!!! :D During my 3rd ultrasound about a week and a half ago, I was FINALLY told if I'm having a boy or girl!  So excited!! :) I have a 4th ultrasound again tomorrow, just to check on the baby's size again.  On Monday, I went into Edmonton to meet with another OB and have been scheduled to be induced on July 11th, provided I have not had the baby by then.  That puts me at 39 weeks + 3 days.  They won't let me go past 40 weeks, because of added risk to the baby at that point.  I was told that babies born to mothers with GD can sometimes have a slower development of their lungs, so we're praying that everything is working fine when our little miss or mister arrives.

Here's a lovely picture of my massive baby belly.  It's from a few weeks ago, but I don't think I've grown a whole lot since.  I figured I should probably get at least one photo this time BEFORE going into labour.

Not a whole lot else is new.  I finally managed to plant my peas in the garden - finishing off the small amount of things I decided to plant this year.  Now all we need is some sunshine!  Like much of the Canadian prairies, we've certainly had our share of rainy days.  This weeks forecast does not look much more promising, unfortunately.

I haven't had much motivation or energy to scrapbook in the last week or two.  I did manage to complete a few layouts since my last blog posting, however.  Take a look:

I've been spending most of my free time in the evenings crocheting a baby blanket, in the appropriate colours, for my soon-to-be new arrival. :)

Well, Emily's quiet time is now over, and so I must once again return to parenting and housework.

I leave you with a couple of pictures of Emily from our Jasper trip over Mother's Day weekend.

Playing at a playground.

Playing at a playground.

Emily at a wildlife museum, in the basement of one of the Jasper hotels.
 Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

Upon returning home from a lovely Mother's Day weekend in Jasper, our yard was FINALLY clear of snow. And with nothing but beautiful weather since (aside from a light rain), I'm convinced that Spring has finally sprung! I no longer live in fear of another least not until next Fall.

With the advent of sunshine and warmer days, I pushed myself to get into the garden and start weeding. After a few back-ache inducing days, (it's much more difficult to be hunched over while 31 weeks pregnant!) I managed to get things ready for planting.

Yesterday, Emily and I visited our local greenhouse for our first installment of flowers, and also managed to get a few seeds planted into the ground before the light showers arrived. This morning, Emily was convinced that the radishes and sunflowers that she planted yesterday afternoon would be growing already. I told her that we could check early next week, and with any luck we'll see something then. She's very excited, as this year I've given her her own large section of my garden space. Today, we're getting started planting up planters and hanging baskets.

I've also managed to fit in some scrapbooking. Here's a look at my newest layouts.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photos - my house has very patchy sun shining in right now.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back in the Saddle (so to speak)

I am once again home - going on a couple of weeks now.  It seems a little strange to actually be home without any plans to take off to SK in the near future.  I'm looking forward to staying close to home.  That being said, we are planning a weekend trip to Jasper soon, but that's nothing compared to the amount of time I've been away from home in the last 6 months.

Spring seems to really be trying to put forth an effort lately.  Yesterday was a gorgeous and balmy 19C day and Emily and I spent much of the afternoon outside enjoying it.  The snow has finally melted enough to uncover her sandbox, and she was thrilled to be able to play in that for quite some time.  Me, I just sat and relaxed with a good book and a bag of Spitz. :) Today is more of a rainy, overcast day but I'm just thankful that it's not snowing. We still have a good amount of snow in places in our yard, but with warm temps forcasted for the week, I'm hopeful that it'll all be gone soon enough.

We had a delightful Easter - with my MIL visiting for the weekend.  Emily was treated to a massive egg hunt outside - so spoiled that it took more than three baskets in order for her to collect all her goodies.  I was happy that it was nice enough to have the hunt outside again this year - something of a tradition for us.  We even got around to making Easter cupcakes (albeit after Easter had actually passed).  Here's a couple of pictures of Em in her lovely little apron, lending a helping hand.

Putting a little chocolate "surprise" into each cupcake.

Adding the finishing touches - precisely 4 jelly beans per cupcake. :)
I've also managed to spend a fair bit of time scrapbooking, lately.  I am once again enjoying the creative outlet.  It's nice to have the "passion" back again after so many months of not wanting to do anything crafty.  I also spent a couple of days, using up some of my scraps, stockpiling some cards for future use.  Here's a sampling of my most recent scrapbook layouts.

I am now 30 weeks along in my pregnancy and have been informed, after my most recent test, that I officially have gestational diabetes.  :(  I'm still trying to manage my blood sugars by diet alone, but it's becoming increasingly difficult.  I'm just praying that I don't have to take insulin. Pricking my finger 6 times a day to check my blood is enough for me.  I meet with the diabetic health nurse again later this week, and she'll co-ordinate with my OB-GYN to determine my course of treatment.  This has certainly not been an easy or fun pregnancy, and I just have to keep telling myself that soon it will be all over and we can enjoy the rewards of a new little family member.

That's about all to report for now. 

Until next time...

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Road trip

Earlier this week I spent two LONG days traveling halfway across the continent (well, maybe not halfway, but it seemed like it) to visit my sister in Wisconsin. Early mornings, long days and lots of bumps, literally, along the way. But we (my mom, older sister and her 6 kids, me and Emily)arrived safe and sound. We've ventured all this way to see my eldest sister's newest home and to help her celebrate her big 4-0!

It been a rather noisy and sometimes chaotic visit so far (10 kids together in a house can cause that) but it's been great to visit with family. We spent part of the afternoon today swimming at a local YMCA - much to Emily's delight. She didn't venture too far from the safety of my arms, but she does seem to be stepping outside of her comfort zone a little more, and I'm very proud of her for it!

In baby news, I'm now 26 weeks along and feeling as big as a whale. There's been a lot of movement from this baby and recently a lot of discomfort and pain as there often seems to be knees, or the like, pushing me in very uncomfortable locations. But I received some good news from my most recent ultrasound, before I left. A real answer to pray, so I'm very thankful for that. The baby is growing well. Emily asked me tonight if it was another 40 weeks until the baby was born and as I thought about it, I realized that "the end" is on the horizon. "No," I replied, "only 12 weeks left." I can manage 12 more weeks of this. :)

The weather in Wisconsin has been beautiful these last few days. Apparently, it hasn't been too shabby at home either. I'm hopeful that by the time I get home in two weeks, Emily and I will be able to run around our yard, snow-free as well. :)

Well, that's my little update from the USA. Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Hitting the stores tomorrow! :D

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snow Day

Our cat, Buddy, has the right idea today.  Curled up in front of a nice cozy fire.  We awoke again to more snow this morning.  And aside from a short break, it's been snowing non-stop.  I figure about 4 or 5 inches of fresh powder has fallen since last night.  Made for an interesting attempt to go to church this morning. We made it down the highway as far as the little country store, Pendryl, before Adam decided the risk wasn't worth it this morning. It makes it hard to pass oncoming traffic when you're driving directly in the center of the road.  So, we turned around and came back home.

Emily was so disappointed not to be going to Sunday school this morning that I looked online for a Sunday school craft, and we had an impromptu lesson ourselves at home.  She has yet to change out of her Sunday dress, and she looks so cute, who could blame her?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully the road crews get out sometime tonight and clear some snow, or it might be slow going tomorrow.  Even Adam's hopping in the Bobcat this afternoon to clear our driveway - something he typically only does if it REALLY needs it. :)

Other than that, there's not much else to report.  I bought a flat of geraniums at Wal-mart yesterday. Hopelessly premature, I know.  Especially with all this new snow.  But how could I resist?  Buying flowers two months before I can actually plant them is like a yearly tradition for me.  I get very restless for Springtime gardening about this time of year.  I'm limiting myself this year though - mostly because I'm already finding it difficult to bend over with my gigantic belly - I can't imagine what I'll be like come planting time.

I am 23 weeks and 5 days along today.  I swear by my size I was almost full term - I'm the same size as I was when Emily was born.  This pregnancy has been quite different.  It's not great for the self-esteem when maternity clothes are starting to get small too, lol. That, and having to restrict my sugar intake has lead me to some massive sugar cravings!  I dream about eating desserts!  Not a good sign for how much self-control I'll have once the baby is born!

Well, it's my mandatory snack time right now, so I suppose I should scour the cupboards/fridge for my allotted 15g of carbs. :)

Until next time...

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