Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snow Day

Our cat, Buddy, has the right idea today.  Curled up in front of a nice cozy fire.  We awoke again to more snow this morning.  And aside from a short break, it's been snowing non-stop.  I figure about 4 or 5 inches of fresh powder has fallen since last night.  Made for an interesting attempt to go to church this morning. We made it down the highway as far as the little country store, Pendryl, before Adam decided the risk wasn't worth it this morning. It makes it hard to pass oncoming traffic when you're driving directly in the center of the road.  So, we turned around and came back home.

Emily was so disappointed not to be going to Sunday school this morning that I looked online for a Sunday school craft, and we had an impromptu lesson ourselves at home.  She has yet to change out of her Sunday dress, and she looks so cute, who could blame her?

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, so hopefully the road crews get out sometime tonight and clear some snow, or it might be slow going tomorrow.  Even Adam's hopping in the Bobcat this afternoon to clear our driveway - something he typically only does if it REALLY needs it. :)

Other than that, there's not much else to report.  I bought a flat of geraniums at Wal-mart yesterday. Hopelessly premature, I know.  Especially with all this new snow.  But how could I resist?  Buying flowers two months before I can actually plant them is like a yearly tradition for me.  I get very restless for Springtime gardening about this time of year.  I'm limiting myself this year though - mostly because I'm already finding it difficult to bend over with my gigantic belly - I can't imagine what I'll be like come planting time.

I am 23 weeks and 5 days along today.  I swear by my size I was almost full term - I'm the same size as I was when Emily was born.  This pregnancy has been quite different.  It's not great for the self-esteem when maternity clothes are starting to get small too, lol. That, and having to restrict my sugar intake has lead me to some massive sugar cravings!  I dream about eating desserts!  Not a good sign for how much self-control I'll have once the baby is born!

Well, it's my mandatory snack time right now, so I suppose I should scour the cupboards/fridge for my allotted 15g of carbs. :)

Until next time...

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