Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Is Well Again... Sort of.

After 6 grueling days of my daughter being quite sick, I think she's finally on the road to recovery. This past week has quite possibly been one of the worst in my life. The lowest of lows? Being thrown up on (a lot!!) in a restaurant, by my daughter, 45 minutes away from home. Eeewwwwww!!!! Let's just say I hope I never get the chance to "experience" that again.

But, she seems to be getting better. She's still got some sort of bug in her causing gastrointestinal issues, but she's not napping 10 times a day anymore, and actually has the energy to play again. This past week of hardly eating anything and being sick has caused her to become just skin and bones. And if you know her, you know she's not a big girl to begin with. But she just finished a decent lunch, so hopefully we can put some meat back on her.

The weather outside is gorgeous. The sun is shining brightly and the wind has died down to a slight breeze. I took Emily out for a walk in the stroller this morning, and I actually got a little warm! :) It sure seems like we're in for some nice weather. I only pray that there's some rain in there for us somewhere. People around here are saying it's the driest they've seen things in 60 years! We've had a complete fire ban on since the beginning of April, when there was still lots of snow around. That's not a very promising sign.

Unfortunately, I have yet to get back to my scrapbooking. Emily being sick this past week has literally been all-consuming. It's difficult... almost impossible to scrapbook with a 2 year old hanging from you all day long. Although, I did manage to make a couple of cards - USA bound.

But now that it looks like she's getting back on track, I hope to as well. I have only a limited number of weeks left before my free time is spent outdoors and my scrapbooking sessions become less frequent. The pile of pictures I have printed to scrapbook, however, never seems to grow smaller. Might have something to do with the fact that I keep getting more printed... ;)

Well, I should get on to other things now. I leave you with 2 pictures I took this morning of a deer that walked onto my deck and looked in the window. Gotta love country living! The pictures are quite poor, because I had to stealthily run for my camera before it walked away, and I barely made it before it left.

Until next time...

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