Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life's A Rush

I'm back after a fun-filled (or not) day in town, yesterday, running errands and getting groceries. And today I'm tired. It might have something to do with staying up too late last night watching "Million Dollar Listing" on tv. It seemed like a good idea last night.

This morning we (my daughter and I) rushed around the house to get ready to go to our weekly moms & tots group. We got there at 10am - a half hour late. I find it nearly impossible to get out of the house much before 10am, even when Em doesn't sleep in past 8am. Breakfast just never seems to go quickly enough - my daughter is such a S-L-O-W eater! But we made it and after getting our fill of crafts, playdough, a baby dolls, we came home for a relatively quick lunch.

Now Emily's down for a nap and I have a few minutes to sit and relax... ok, time's up! I'm off to outfit our camper with all the lovely things I bought for it yesterday. Hopefully, Em doesn't sleep too long today, as I have a haircut scheduled for 3pm.


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