Monday, March 1, 2010

Canadian Pride

What a weekend!

Yesterday concluded the winter Olympic games hosted by Vancouver, and what a conclusion! Men's hockey brought home an exciting win over the USA for the gold,

and Canada topped the medal standings with the most gold metals ever won by a country at the winter Olympics! Considering we're typically a nation that doesn't seem to fund their athletes that well, this year being the exception, that's quite an achievement! It's really been amazing to see how these Olympics in particular have swelled Canadian pride. Facebook has been littered with people updating their status' to reflect that. "OH CANADA, Proud to be a Canadian, Well Done Canada" and various others have been a constant status sighting since yesterday's big hockey win. It's been great to see! I sadly have to admit that I didn't watch as much of these Olympics as I would have liked, but even still, find myself drawn together with my fellow Canadians - bonding over the last two weeks events. The closing ceremonies were very well done, I have to say. A little bit of something for everyone with opera singing, Neil Young, William Shatner, Michael Buble, Nickleback and an eclectic mix of other performers. Vancouver can be proud of the games they put on, and we, the Canadian people, can be very proud of our athletes who performed so well. Now, it's back to everyday life while Vancouver spends the next number of years paying for all the infrastructure created for the games. Such is the price to pay for hosting, I guess.

On top of the Olympics coming to an end, this has been an exciting weekend for me for another reason as well. On Saturday we finally picked up our new RV and brought it home. Now I can take cabinet measurements and start shopping for camping items. I'm very excited. It's a small camper, just under 19ft, so that I can tow it comfortably myself. But I'm hoping that it's packed with fun! Summer can't come soon enough....

It's now 9:15am and amazingly enough, my daughter still seems to be sleeping. I wonder what else I can get done before she wakes. Here's to a good day ahead!

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