Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Systems a Go

Well, I'm feeling MUCH better now. I've officially removed the quarantine on myself. I even actually went out this weekend!! It was very nice to feel normal again. I'm very thankful to be up and running, back to my old self. One always seems to forget too quickly how miserable it is to be sick... until the next time comes around.

I'd love to tell you of all the wonderful things I've done since I've been feeling better. I wish I could. The reality is that I haven't done anything spectacular. I am tackling the odd job that has been on my "To Do" list for ages, so that's good I guess.

The weather here right now just can't seem to make up its mind. The last 3 mornings I've woken up to fresh snow on the deck - but by noon the same day it's melting away. It would be nice if Spring could just decide to stay and this snow would just take a hike! I've taught my daughter to say "Go Away!" to the snow, but unless you know what she's saying, it sounds more like she's saying "Dora!"

Lego is still very much an everyday (all day) activity in my house. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from Lego online and we're anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. We can only build so many trains, tow-trucks, and bulldozers with the amount of wheels we currently have. :)

Other than that, I have been busy doing paperwork, housework and the like. I have managed to squeeze in the odd scrapbook session, so I leave you with my latest work.

Well, I'm off to make lunch! Have a great day!

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