Wednesday, March 10, 2010

First Seeds of "Spring"

After two seemingly very long days of my daughter being sick with a fever, and all the crying, whining and disobedience that seemed to come with it, I'm back!

We spent the morning doing odd jobs around the house, went to the local mall (ie. hardware store) where we bought some refills for my woodpecker suet feeder and some gardening items. We even picked up a couple of small grow kits for kids - one sunflower and one bean. They said for 3 years+, but I knew my not-quite-two-and-a-half year old could handle it. :) Aside from a little spilled water and a getting a bit dirty, piece of cake! She seemed to really enjoy it, although it did take a little too long for her 2 year old patience to wait for the soil pellets to expand. Now we just have to wait a couple of weeks to see the little things start to sprout.
All that planting (yes, those whole 6 seeds!) got me thinking ahead to planting my garden and I went online in search of some foldable pea fence. After a quick call to my sister, I decided to get them from - a company I'd never ordered from before, but whose catalogue I have leafed through enviously while visiting my above mentioned sister. I could buy a lot of frozen peas for the money I just dropped on those pea fences, but nothing quite compares to eating fresh peas straight from the garden.

Other than trying to keep Emily entertained all day - a bit of a chore, since she apparently can't do anything by herself today - that's been my day.
With the delicious smell of my roast cooking in the crockpot wafting through the house, I leave you with a few scrapbooking layouts that I completed yesterday. Again, I apologize for the poor lighting on these photos.

Until next time...

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