Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Lifetime of Winter

Have I mentioned how tired I am of the snow we having been getting every morning for the last 4 or 5 days? I mean, isn't is supposed to be Spring?? Today it was coming down pretty hard for awhile there... and it's after lunch (the time when the sun is supposed to shine bright and melt it all) and it's STILL snowing. I'm beginning to feel as though nicer weather will never stick around. **Sigh**

And it's cold today too. I think around -8 degrees Celcius. I've started a fire in the fireplace again to get all nice and cozy. I thought I'd be done with making fires for the season too. This snowy weather is just ruining all my plans, lol.

This morning, Emily and I ventured out to go to our Moms & Tots group. We haven't been for a few weeks due to illnesses. We weren't missing much. Sadly, we were the only ones there, besides the staff. I'm going to have to look into going to a different town for a Moms & Tots program, since the main reason I go is for Emily to be able to interact with other kids. Kinda hard for her to do that if she's the only kid there. But she did have fun, despite being by herself. This way she had free reign of all the toys, I guess.

After a quick lunch and playtime, she is now down for a nap. I'm hoping to get a few things done in the meantime. Before I rush off, I'll leave you with pics of the layouts I completed yesterday.

Until next time...

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