Saturday, May 1, 2010

Taking 'er Easy

I had a great visit with my old roommate yesterday. Her children, especially the 2 boys, are full of energy!! What fun!! :) Emily was a little taken aback at first, unsure of all these kids who after being in our house for maybe 5 seconds, were already pulling out all her toys to play with. She sat playing, rather contently, on the couch beside me for the first while. But I think she found the interest of having 2 little boys in the house too great of a pull, and she was soon playing too... although still with some reserve. We are now even more convinced that she needs to have a sibling playmate... we're trying to work on that. :)

Today has been a relaxed day. After pulling out all the Lego again (we hid it all away yesterday from the ~2 year old boys, who still like to put things in their mouths), we got right back into the swing of it all. I've done some light housework, but have decided to take it easy today. Emily and I spent part of the morning outside, while I BBQ'd lunch. It's a beautiful day again - the sun is shining bright, with just a hint of a breeze. I spent a bit of time scrapbooking & hope to spend a bit more this afternoon. I'd also like to do a little more planting in the garden today as well. Not sure if I'll have time though, since we're off this evening to celebrate a birthday at a friend's house. With that being said, if I want to get a chance to do some of those things, I should go now. I leave you with the layout I did this morning.

Until next time...

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