Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Trip to the Greenhouse

Last night seemed like a rather long night. I got up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom feeling just fine, but soon got REALLY dizzy and hot, called Adam to help me, was told that I passed out at least twice... ahhh... it was not fun. After a brutal 20 minutes or so (I'm guessing, as all I could really think about was getting cool and wanting the world to stop spinning) I felt fine again. I awoke this morning feeling ok - just a little dizzy still. Not sure what the issue was, but I hope that doesn't happen again.

Today brings us hot sunshine and temperatures soaring to the high 20's (Celsius). I really don't feel like doing a whole lot - my to-do list that I made up last night will, I believe, remain rather untouched today. So instead, I took Emily to the greenhouse again to pick out some more Flow-ees. :) We also "enjoyed" another picnic lunch outside again this afternoon. I say "enjoyed" because all I could really think about today was trying to get lunch finished so that I could put Emily down for her afternoon nap. More for me than her, sadly. I'm contemplating a nap for myself - something I never do since it really messes with my night sleep schedule. For now, I'm quite content to sit in the cool, shaded comfort of my house.

Well, that seems to be all the news I have to share today.

Until next time...

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