Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Raining...

I'll try not to make blogging twice in one day a habit, but I finished my other layout and thought I'd post it as well.

And it's raining. I thought I heard one distant boom of thunder, but we are far from the torrents of rain, dark sky and booms & flashes that all accompany a good thunderstorm. I'll wait patiently... :) I think I need to let my fire die out now... it's nearly 24 degrees Celsius in my house and I'm starting to overheat.

As I can hear Emily starting to stir from her nap, I'll add a picture of my newest layout (it has a lot more "sparkle" then the photo is picking up) and get this posted.

The house still remains a mess (soon to be remedied), but at least I got to scrapbook today!!!!!! :D

Until next time... (and I promise it won't be today again)...

Buck Lake Blogger

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