Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Feeling Better

I'm happy to report that I'm feeling much better now. If only I could say the same for Emily. She's not outright sick, but I don't think she's 100%. She was very tired and a little sad today... needless to say I was able to get in lots of snuggles, which are very rare these days.

Today was kind of a write-off as far as getting anything really done. We woke up late, and with breakfast, showers and baths there wasn't a lot of time this morning to do much before we left to go meet Adam for lunch in the Village. After a late nap this afternoon, I managed to convince a sobbing and snuggling Emily to come outside and plant some more flowers with me. So I guess I did get that done, at least.

I scrapbooked during nap time - didn't get a whole lot done as it took awhile to organize my creative mojo. But I finished my layout this evening. Not much on tv these days as things are heading into re-runs soon. Spent an hour watching Criminal Minds (season finale??), and lost patience having to wait until 8:07pm to find out who was crowned the next "American Idol". Does it bother anyone else that shows no longer start or end on the hour or half hour? What's with things running from 7pm to 8:02pm? It messes with me trying to program my evening into my tv - an inconvenience I don't like. So who did win Idol - that chick or that dude? I'm not that invested in the outcome, to be honest. I'll just wait to hear about it through the grapevine. Oh, and with Cowell off the show for next season, I'm not sure it'll be the same... even though it did seem at times that he just phoned it in this season. Maybe he misses Paula Abdul, lol. Does anyone???? But I digress...

Here's my newest layout. I took the picture outside on my deck as it seemed to have the best lighting. Enjoy. I'm off for a quick walk before it turns too dark outside.

Until next time...

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