Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today is the first of June! I can't believe how fast time is flying by already. And the sun is shining bright with no rain falling... sweet relief after a rather gloomy week or so. It's also in the mid-teens, temperature-wise, so that's also a welcome change. After another night of frost last night, I'm unsure if I should plant the rest of my flowers this week or not. I'm getting rather anxious to get them all in and start to enjoy them, instead of just looking at them in my little greenhouse. I took Emily to the greenhouse again yesterday to buy some more stock. Our cats like to climb on top of my flowerpots when I have them covered for the night, and as a result have damaged a few that need to be replaced. And the way I see it, one cannot have too many flowers! :)

This morning was gym for me and Em. We're starting to wind down a little now as we approach the summer break. I'm looking forward to not having to leave the house multiple times a week. I've got enough around here to keep me busy!

That being said, tomorrow one of the girls from work will be coming out to the house so that I can show her how to do some of the paperwork that I currently look after. Once she takes that on, my workload will be lighter. One of these days I might actually be able to take my "maternity" leave - considering I was doing month end paperwork 2 weeks after having Emily (over 2 years ago). That's kind of a running "joke" in my house.

A neighbouring town held their rodeo this past weekend - pouring rain and all. I decided to check things out on Friday night since they were also having a trade fair along with it. Sadly, because of the cold, wet weather the spectator turnout was very poor. As quiet as it was for the trade fair vendors, it was kind of nice for me. I managed to spend some time buying Tupperware from the lady who is always so busy at the weekly Farmer's Market that it's hard to actually buy much. And because of my purchase I was entered into her draw for free Tupperware, for which I later received the call that I had won!! Woo hoo!! :) All very exciting to me!

Other than that, not much else is new on the home front. I'll be getting ready to go camping in Jasper National Park soon - something Emily is super excited to be doing this year. I did finish a few scrapbooking layouts yesterday, but haven't taken pictures of them yet. Soon. Instead, I'll leave you with some new photos of my sweet girl, taken recently.

Until next time...

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