Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Because of a Book

The house is quiet with everyone (but me) down for their Sunday afternoon naps. We spent the morning going to church and then headed to another town in search of some reportedly good pizza... which has been an ongoing search in my neck of the woods for some time. It wasn't half bad either - certainly the best I've come across within a half hour drive. And now contently full, I'm tired. Really tired. Although, I think it has less to do with my lunch and more to do with the fact that I stayed up reading until 12:30am last night (this morning?). A good book'll do that to you, I guess. And it's been awhile since I've read a really good book. I had been reading Norton's Introduction to Literature, but found many of the short stories and poems rather boring. The book I was reading last night, borrowed from a friend, is The Book Of Negroes, about an 11 year old girl who was kidnapped from village in West Africa and sent on the slave ships to America. I find it to be an easy read, yet very griping. Griping... that's why last night I kept telling myself "just one more page". Yes, I think that's the reason I'm so tired today.

Not much else is new. My garden is almost entirely planted... only a few more flowers to go. Em and I planted zucchini, pumpkins and tomatoes this past weekend. Now to move on to the weeds that are cropping up everywhere and threaten to overtake my garden if left alone for too much longer. It's supposed to rain a bunch this week, so hopefully I'll get a chance to get into my garden and do some work.

I, sadly, have not done any more scrapbooking recently. There just seems to be too much else to do. I did manage to take pics of the 2 layouts that I did but hadn't posted yet. Here they are...

Well, I'm off to continue reading my book while the house is quiet.

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger


  1. I just love all your layouts!!! Gorgeous!! I will have to read that book. I am reading a book by Jodi Picoult called Handle With Care and I can't put it down either!!! It is about a girl with OI (a bone condition) and it is just so sad!!

  2. Hey you: When you come to the part in the Book of Negroes that tells about Birchtown think of me. I drive through Birchtown usually about 2 times a week on the way to my parents' cottage. Here is a link too - I hesitated to read the book because I have tried to imagine what these people from Africa went through ever since I was old enough to know a bit of our local lore. An excellent book.