Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friend

We seemed to have attracted a rather unwanted visitor to our house this last week.  A big, bum-waddling skunk!  We spotted him around our garage about a week ago, and shooed him off.  We were hoping he was just passing through - apparently that is not the case.  He's found all the birdseed that falls from the feeders at the base of one of our trees and seems to find it all rather appetizing. :(  And Mr. Skunk is becoming rather bold.  Two nights ago, at about 3am, he wandered on our deck, stood up and started scratching at the outside of our garden doors!!  Adam rattled the handle on the door to scare him away.  It scared him and Adam says that he turned around and looked like he was spraying our door.  But there was no scent.  So either it was all just for show, or Mr. Skunk is not mature enough to spray, yet.  He's pretty big, so I'm thinking it's only a matter of time.  Last night, we took turns shooting him with our pellet gun (our only line of defense).  It seemed to scare him away, only a few feet, and only for a few minutes.  He always seemed to return to the base of that tree.  Today, I'm placing a call into our County's office to see if they'll come out and trap him.  If not, we'll be speaking with some neighbours who have guns a little more substantial than our little air riffle, to eliminate the pest.  Considering he seems to show up around dusk - it really is like he's keeping us prisoner in our own home at night.

But it's daylight once again, and so we are free to venture out of the house.  After some gloomy, rainy and yes, SNOWY weather this last week, we are in for some dry, sunny conditions for the next week or so.  Gonna soak it all up while I can.  Today marks the start of me and Emily going to a new season of Moms & Tots.  There's been some "adjustment" of the program and this morning we'll be trying out a new location.  I'm just praying that she won't be the only kid there.  She sooo desperately wants a little friend.  She keeps talking, rather excitedly, about Winnie the Pooh & friends coming over to play this winter.  What does a parent say to that??  I can't crush her excitement by telling her that they're just pretend and won't be coming.  So, instead, I've been saying "we'll have to wait and see - Pooh is pretty busy" (I feel like such a bad mom, lying like that).  A real friend would be much better, I think.  It's difficult, because I'm very particular about the kinds of kids I want her to spend time with, and the selection around here is already very limited.

On to other news... I've done a little scrapbooking.  I've completed one layout.  This one's from Christmas 2009 - still playing catch-up with a number of photos. 

It's not my favourite layout - I seem to have a more difficult time working on Christmas themed pages.  I did do some fun things on it, however.  I flocked the edges of my main photo, to look like snow.  I also finally broke out my Slice again and gave it a go.  I think having things set up a little more out in the open will help me to remember to use everything a little more.  I'm hoping...

Well, it's time for breakfast and then off we go for a morning of playtime, stories and crafts. :)

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger


  1. What does flocking the edges mean? And I actually LOVE the layout!!

  2. Crystal, have you ever seen scrapbook paper where some of the pattern or picture on it is fuzzy to the touch. That's been flocked. You can buy little jars of flock, just like glitter. I put on Liquid Glass, a dimensional adhesive, then dipped it in the flock. The finished product feels fuzzy and looks a bit like snow on the outer edges of the photo - it hard to see in this photo. I'm glad you liked the layout. :)