Friday, September 17, 2010

My Garden's End

This was the view of my front yard at 9am this morning.  A hard frost last night left all my flowers and what remained of my garden to wilt and wither.  Emily awoke this morning, exclaiming very excitedly, "SNOW!!!"  I had to disappoint her by telling her it was just frost - thankfully. Today is a sunny day - a rarity the last few weeks - and is supposed to top out at 10C.  So after Emily's quiet time, we're headed outside to pull up plants and clean up the garden.  Not sure how many sunny days we have left in store.

I had another morning spent tackling the chaos of my house.  I doesn't look like I accomplished much as I never even completed one room - just a little of this room and a little of that room.  But, I'm loving how spacious my living room looks again now that all of Em's toys have been relocated to her own room.

My scrap room is slowly taking shape - might be able to start crafting again in a few more days! :)  You never really realize how many supplies you have until you start pulling things out of closets and relocating them.  Hmmm... might be time to downsize some of my scrapbooking items... but what to part with???

I'm off to tackle a few more things before the timer beeps. :)

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger


  1. it was lovely to see you over the weekend. can't wait to see everything

    ps wasn't this a nice normal comment

  2. pss sorry about all the crazy talk on my blog