Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Painting Day

Today is painting day... finally!  After a number of days spent prepping the walls (filling 1000 holes, sanding, priming, etc) I'm finally painting!  Yesterday, I repainted all the trim and closet doors, just to freshen them up.  Today, I'm tackling the walls.  Three walls done (first coat), one wall left.  It's taking a LONG time to dry today with all the rain.  I'm hoping to get the second coat all done today so that we can move Emily into her new room tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to getting my house organized again. :)  I'm very pleased with the light blue colour we picked... Emily wanted blue and I picked the shade.

Emily is also officially outgrown her nap now.  Sad, I know.  I've been very fortunate, from what I hear, to have been given this long. Now she has a half an hour "rest" on her bed after lunch.  The door to her room is left open and she can keep her eyes open... something she states everytime... the timer is set and she gets freedom when it beeps.  It's kind of funny, because about a week ago, when she woke up from her nap (too early), she was miserable and I told her she needed to lie down again until she was in a good mood.  Now every morning when she wakes up she calls to me "Emmy in good mood" to get her out of bed, instead of "all done".  Too cute.  She certainly picks up on EVERY little thing one says.

Well, I suppose I should get back to painting.  I imagine there's only a few short minutes left on that timer before Em's rest is over.

I leave you with one of Emily's favourite new looks.  She always says to me, "mommy like scowl?".

Until next time...

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