Monday, August 23, 2010

Midnight Madness

Last night, while I am desperately trying to sleep, I keep hearing these strange noises in my bedroom.  First it sounds like it is coming from under the head of my bed.  I flip on the light and sit up in bed, listening.  I hear it again.  Hmmm... strange.  Of course, I'm all by myself since Adam is in Calgary for a few days, so my imagination starts to run wild.  Is it a mouse?  I've never seen one in our house before... and with the cats around, I'd doubt it.  I sit still again... and wait.  There's the noise again - but it's shifted to another area.  Now I'm really confused and a little freaked. I get out of bed, brave the look under the bed and night table, and reassure myself that nothing is there.  It's now 12:30am and I'm counting how many hours until I need to get up again.  I try to coax Buddy, our cat, to come and sleep on the foot of my bed, but he's not into it and takes off.  Lights out again.  I lay there, with the blankets bundled up tight around my neck, to prevent any strange creatures from making their way into my bed.  I try to sleep, but with one eye and both ears open.  Silence.  And then... the noise again!  This time it seems to be coming from the other corner of the room and half way up the wall!  Okay.  I'm certainly not sleeping now.  Lights on again.  Another look around the room.  Nothing.  I think to myself, "this is going to be a long night" and "the bats couldn't get into the house, could they?"  Lights off.  All tucked in tight again.  I say a little prayer to calm my nerves.  Buddy finally decides that he wants to sleep on my bed, so at least I have his keen eyes and ears to alert me of anything that might attack me while I sleep.  Sleep finally finds me.  I awake in one piece with no sign of any little critters being present.  I don't think I imagined it all... it might have just been the creaks and groans of the house in the wind or cooler weather.  I'm not sure.  I just know that I'm looking forward to Adam returning so that I don't have to drive myself mad trying to find out what goes bump in the night.  And that, dear readers, is the story of why I'm soooo tired today.

As for the rest of my weekend, all was well.  We had a blast at the party on Saturday - the rain held off until we got home that evening.  Maybe it was the 50 or so balloons we released into the atmosphere that pushed the rain back?  Not very environmentally friendly, but if you knew Bev, you'd understand. :)

Sunday brought a fairly relaxed day.  Adam left early to go to Calgary for meetings for a few days.  Em and I headed, solo, to church and then home for a ton of stories, nap time, and lots of afternoon snuggles.  It was nice.  She had a decent nap, so I actually managed to get my scrapbooking table set up again and completed this layout.  I had a lot of fun with paint on this layout... I painted the background cardstock to tone down the colour, I painted (with a little sprinkle of glitter on it while it dried) a thin background layer for the title, and I painted the edges of my pictures to frame them.  It was nice to get the creative juices flowing again.

I'm not sure what the rest of today will bring.  The sun actually seems to be trying to make an appearance today, so Emily and I might take advantage and go for a walk down to the lake.  There seems to be only so many more days left that we can go throw rocks into the water.  It'll be ice again before we know it.

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger


  1. It seems to me that a certain person named kim was letting balloons go willy nilly.

    the ever responsible bev

  2. I did say "we" didn't I? lol. I'm not sure "the ever responsible bev" is all that accurate for someone whose goal in life is to leave the largest environmental footprint she can. Besides... I didn't say releasing the balloons wasn't tons of fun! :)