Friday, August 20, 2010

Living "Under The Dome"

Having just finished reading Stephen King's latest book, Under The Dome, I'm beginning to imagine what it must have felt like for the people of Chester's Mill. I awoke yesterday morning, probably not unlike most Alberta residents, thinking it was rather foggy outside. That was until I walked outside. Smoke, not fog. The raging B.C. forest fires and winds heading our direction have brought smoke. A LOT of smoke. After spending the day, yesterday, in Red Deer I came home with a headache and scratchy throat. It was not a fun day.
Here is a photo of yesterday's conditions (photograph by: Wendy Jensen,

Today, although it seems to be a little better, still has me feeling trapped under a cloud of inescapable bad air. This was the view of our front yard this morning, and it seems to have gotten worse since then.

I think much to Emily's disappointment, we will not be venturing outside to pick strawberries and peas today. We'll stay tucked away in our house, with the windows shut tight... and pray for the firefighting efforts in B.C. Hopefully our "dome" will be lifted soon.

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  1. The smoke looks terrible! I hope it improves soon!! But what a view you have out your front yard! Beautiful!!