Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Year Older

Despite getting sick with a brutal sore throat and congested head that started on Friday, I still managed to have a pretty good weekend.  My secret to fighting off the common cold quickly is filling my system with as much water as it'll hold - and it really seems to make a big difference. I was noticeably improved Sunday morning.  Which was good, seeing as how it was Adam's birthday and I had a busy day scheduled.  We were up well before the crack of dawn thanks to daylight savings and the fact that we had been prepping Emily to go to bed earlier for a few nights, in anticipation of the time change.  She went to bed earlier, but also woke up MUCH earlier too.  I guess that gave us plenty of time to get ready for Sunday school & church.  Here's Em all dressed and ready to go! :)

After a quick lunch at home, I managed to sneak away to the Farmer's Market while Em was down for a much needed nap.  Unfortunately, there wasn't much excitement at the market - a lot of the same old stuff.  A quick tour of the hall and I left virtually empty-handed, except for a small Pampered Chef purchase. 

Home again, and I was gearing up to start baking Adam's birthday cake when he informed me that he didn't really need a cake.  Maybe he saw something in my still sick, exhausted expression and took pity on me.  I was really prepared to start whipping up a storm in the kitchen, but this was a nice break.  I felt a little bad that he wouldn't have a special dessert, so I decided instead to make him a quick batch of homemade peanut butter cookies.  His favourite and a rare treat, since no one else in the house eats them and they don't get made often.  He seemed pleased with my birthday compromise. :)

After a yummy dinner, and Emily was settled in bed for the night, we cozied into our couches to read our books - it was lovely!  All in all, a busy but good day. 

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