Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feeling Like A Homebody

Today brought another day of subzero temps and a few slight flurries.  I've got the furnace cranked up to stay warm as our fireplace is not yet operational for the season.  We had A LOT of wasps come down our chimney, into our fireplace, this past summer.  I'm a little paranoid that they've made a hive in our chimney which will surely catch fire and burn our house down... if we don't clean our chimney out first.  Adam's been tasked with that job this year, but like most things, keeps getting put off.  Now we have wet snow on our metal roof - a broken neck in the making.  Sooo... we have to wait until it warms up and melts the snow, so Adam can climb on our roof and clean our chimney.  Kind of ironic... we need it to warm up before we can start a fire in our fireplace, to heat our house.  Hmmm....

This morning we ventured out of the house, much to my chagrin, and headed to Moms & Tots.  I'm not sure it was worth it today.  The stories, songs and such were Halloween based, a little boring and did not seem to capture Emily's attention. We arrived, and she was oddly shy with everyone.  She didn't want to sing, do any actions, or really play with anyone.  Remind me again why I go?? ;)  After a short few minutes playing with the parachute (which Emily was finding rather enjoyable) and while cleaning up all the "popcorn" (aka plastic balls) that popped all over the room, Em slipped on the parachute lying on the floor.  She fell flat on her back and bumped her head on the hard floor.  Crying, snuggles, reassuring everyone that she was more scared than hurt, and an incident report later, all was good again.  But after everything, I was glad to be home again, and I think so was Emily.

This afternoon, I scrapbooked while she had her rest.  I finished a layout I've been working on. 

The next while will be spent tidying the house and figuring out what to make for dinner.... hmmm.... homemade pizza, perhaps.  Yumm.

Stay warm!

Until next time...

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