Thursday, February 25, 2010

Got to start sometime...

Well, I've done it! I never thought I'd be a blogger, but yet, here I am writing my very first blog. I'm not sure my life is really interesting enough to share, but I thought this would be a useful tool to record my everyday life. I don't really expect to get any followers - and I'm okay with that. I think this is more for me. I used to journal a lot and found it very therapeutic. I think I'm hoping this will have similiar effects (although it may be more difficult now that I have a 2 year old toddler trying to climb all over me). But considering everyone around me seems to be way more technologically advanced, I thought I should at least attempt to stay somewhat current and join the world of bloggers. I probably have my friend, Bev, and her lovely blog about her scrapbooking store, Black Ink Paperie, to thank. Hers is the first, and currently the only blog that I habitually check for updates.

So, what to say...

Well, after an exciting and busy weekend hosting my sister, brother-in-law and their family of 6 kids, I spent the last few days catching up on sleep, housework, paperwork and various other things. This morning I took our cat, Buddy, to get his annual shots. That killed most of my morning, since it's a 35 minute drive to our vet. At least now Buddy won't die if he gets bitten by one of the numberous bats that call our woods home, any of which might be rabid.

I'm enjoying the beautiful weather we've been blessed with lately. It's currently bright and sunny and a balmy 5 degrees Celcius - BEAUTIFUL weather for February in Alberta. The snow is dripping as it melts from our roof. It's days like today that make me excited that Spring is getting closer. I'll soon be able to get my hands dirty in the garden, lounge around the yard and for the first time in many years, go camping (we just bought a new travel trailer). I can't wait to smell the flowers in bloom and see the hummingbirds flit around the planters. But since it is only February, I may still have a long while to wait before that happens. For now, I'll just enjoy basking in the sunshine... even if it is from behind my triple-paned windows, with the furnace on.

Well, it's past noon so I guess I should go and prepare lunch for myself and my sweet little girl... but first we must clean up the pile of paper she has pulled out of the recycling basket! Life with my little Emily is certainly never dull. :)

Until next time...

Buck Lake Blogger

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